Friday, September 25, 2009


This year marked the 2nd Annual 'Independent's Day' celebration in downtown Columbus on Gay Street and Pearl Alley, Saturday September 19, 2009. The event was a huge success and it seems likely that it will only continue to expand by leaps and bounds from one year to the next.
The event is organized by 'Couchfire Collective,' a group who share a common drive to progress as individual artists, develop as a collective, and to raise the profile of Columbus' creative community ( The endeavors of C.C. have made extreme head-way after only two short years of working towards, and producing the collective event. I.D.09' produced a collective and comprehensive group of artists from Columbus, Ohio.


For additional information about Independents' Day visit the website at:
Additional information can be accessed through Couchfire Collective, including cooperative efforts in the Columbus Arts Community at:

For additional information regarding local efforts to stimulate, strengthen, and expand Columbus Arts visit: and learn about the city's efforts through The Greater Columbus Arts Council.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009


Red House Jams Rafters
The Columbus blues band, Red House, played at Rafters bar on Friday September 11,2009.
Red House started their set just after 9pm and jammed until almost 1am. The band members took breaks throughout the evening to mingle with the new and familiar faces of Rafters.
Red House, the title of a beloved Jimi Hendrix song, is a befitting name for the bluesy-rock band that riffed their way through original songs, but also did justice to the well played cover songs including, "Red House" by Hendrix.
The Red House vocals were often subordinate, as expected with the blues sound, or omitted all together. But, when the lead-singer did add to the groove-- his arrangement, style, and tone exceeded the parallel importance of vocals in blues bands, especially any that local appreciators can expect to find in Columbus. The lead vocals were clear and crisp, soulful, lingering, and jazzy. The lead guitar player added a slight variation while playing the bridge of the "Red House" cover song, but never compromise style or talent in any of his bluesy lead improvisations. The electric bass soulfully amplified the loud pulsating rhythms and the drums, ironically, were at time a subtle backdrop to the beat bumping from every other instrument, including another lead guitar and trumpet. The ear couldn't help but focus only on the lead instruments during roaring measures of a funky bass, long touting trumpet, grooving guitar, or thunderous keys. Red House clearly represents 'Blues' by their mere presence once the 'blues classic' Hammond organ is noticed.
Red House made the house hoot, holler, and get up to dance. Anyone interested in hearing truly well written and preformed blues must surly seek out a performance of Red House.
Red House is scheduled to again play at Rafters on Friday, October 8th. Rafters is on Indianola Ave. in Beechwold (north Clintonville) , between Cook Rd. and Morse Rd.
Red House plays sets regularly at P.F. Changs in Easton Town Center.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Former Columbus musician, Tim Easton, played at a private birthday party Saturday evening, 09/05/09. He flew into Columbus on a red-eye after a Friday performance in Seattle, WA. Despite the minimal amount of sleep that Easton had managed between scheduled performances, he still gave 2 energetic sets at the private party in Victorian Village. He played for a crowd of adoring fans and reminisced about the neighborhood where he lived years ago. Easton informed the crowd of 60+ that he once lived blocks away on Forsythe Ave. during his college years. In those previous years Easton would walk to Gallery Hop (which was underway that evening, one black east of the party) with his acoustic guitar to play on the sidewalk amongst the bustle of the festivities. The former Gallery Hop street musician and Columbus native who contributed to the local sound, has become internationally known for his folk-rock music. Easton gave a truly intimate performance to a group of fans that have supported him from his beginnings.

Easton is pictured above with the birthday girl, Mona Barber; and despite friends attending to celebrate Mona, Easton was truly the highlight of the evening. Easton received a gracious welcome from the guests, who sat quiet and attentive once Easton began his set. Those seated closest to the stage were obvious long time fans of the local sound as they expressed their excitement after each song and took every opportunity to request their favorites. One female fan had an innumerable list of song requests that she hollered 2 at a time and one song after another, especially if her first choices were promised for later in the evening. Easton had a prearranged mood that his song list created. His opening and closing songs captivated his fans and grabbed the attention of those unfamiliar with the delicate-rock sound that has appeal for music-lovers of every genre and of any age. Most requests, which were shouted from every direction in between songs, were all eventually played by the end of the night. But, a couple were turned down by Easton because he forgot the song. "That just happens sometime," Easton admitted after explaining that over the years some songs merely come and go.

Easton was a grateful guest and a gracious host of the evening's entertainment. He commented multiple times on the swanky party, "beautiful home," and props highlighting the stage. Tiki torches were placed on either side of the stage front and dozens lined the large yard. A chandalier hung over stage-right, strung from a tree. Bails of hay were stacked up-stage behind Easton and on the ground in rows facing the stage for seating to accommodate the 60+ guests.
After Easton's first set he enjoyed a delicious taco from Guzman, who catered the party, and then mingled with the guests. He sold a few copies of his recent album "Porcupine," which displays artwork that Eaton hand-painted on over 500 copies.

Birthday girl, Mona was grateful for all of her friends attendance, including Tim Easton who made this year's birthday forever memorable.

Tim Easton lives in California and is currently on a world tour. Visit Easton's website for a tour schedule, or add as a friend on for updates on local appearances.
Revisit Syncopation for a soon to follow review of Easton's recent release "Porcupine."

Easton performing old and new favorites at 09/05/09 party in Victorian Village.

Easton enjoying a Guzman taco after his first set (Barber pictured left).

Thursday, September 3, 2009


This is the launch of a new Music News site for Columbus, Oh.

Syncopation is a musical term that describes a temporary displacement of the regular metrical accent in music caused typically by stressing the weak beat. This site will stress, or cover, the weak or under appreciated music scene in Columbus, Ohio. The music news published on here will at times promote and review music or bands that may not be covered elsewhere. And because this is Columbus based, well, that already identifies a weak beat in the music scene compared to other cities throughout the Unites States.

Articles will be posted on a weekly basis and may increase in frequency over time. Also, additional posts may be added throughout the week for specific band announcements or 'breaking news." :)-